Monday, 7 May 2018

Firstly... and kind of finally!

Good day. And here is the news...

At long last we're delighted to announce that the BonMots website has gone live.

Firstly, we'd like to thank our many clients  for keeping us busy enough to not be able to finish our own website sooner, and commission work based purely on word of mouth and a holding page with another gnu on it. Your faith meant everything!

A huge thanks too to Mark Baker from Seven Design Associates for his tireless and talented efforts in getting the site just the way we wanted it. Delighted is not the word. (Well, it is, but you know what we mean.) Mr B, thanks so much!

And finally, best not to do a website launch the same way you would a ship. Not only do you end up with Champagne all over the floor, but your laptop doesn't look too healthy afterwards either.

We hope you enjoy your time on BonMots...

BonMots: Website design by Seven Design Associates.
                  Words by BonMots.

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